8 Cheap Universities in California for International Students

Do you want to study in California as an international student? If so, you need to know the tuition prices in California. Since most students would like to save money, I will list the cheapest universities in California for international students. The tuition information was obtained from each university’s website, and I have included the link of that site so that you can see the information from the official source.

If you would like, take a look at each of the link to verify the information that has been provided to you. That’s one of the reasons that I have provided the link because you can check for yourself. Also, there is a lot of false information out on the web, so I wanted to establish the authority by linking to the official scholarship sites. Now, let’s take a look at cheap universities in California!


How did I calculate the tuition for international students?

In the United States, international students pay the same tuition as out-of-state students. So basically, I calculated the out-of-state tuition of each university in California. That would be the tuition fee for international students.

If there was a specific section regarding tuition fees for international students, I have used that information. If not, I have added the in-state tuition with out-of-state tuition and got the tuition fees for international students.


Cheapest Universities in California for International Students and Annual Tuition Fees

University Name Undergraduate Graduate
San Diego State University $19,368 $16,104
Sonoma State University $17,228  $15,494
San Francisco State University $15,204 $14,000
Caly Poly Ponoma $15,057 $12,081
San Jose State University $17,225 $16,283
Humboldt State University $17,178 $16,210
CSU Stanislaus $16,580 $15,638
CSU Fullerton $16,399  $15,457


These tuition fees represent the annual cost of tuition only. In addition, you would have to consider the living expenses such as transportation, food, and lodging. If you are burdened by these costs, there’re other ways that you can support yourself, and that is through scholarships.


California Scholarships for International Students

Students with excellent GPA, SAT, and/or ACT, can receive generous scholarships from universities in California. Since the scholarship policy is different for each university, you would have to find a scholarship section on their website. It will have useful information for you, but it will take some time to find the information. There are some cases where you can’t even find the information. In that case, I would either call or email the admissions or financial aid office.

Another thing that you should do is to look for scholarships in other states as well. University of Alabama provides full tuition scholarships for all international students with a certain GPA. Another place that you can find information is the USA Scholarship Category and 20+ Best Scholarships in USA.


Tuition LInks of Universities in California for International Students

This is where I’ve got the information for the tuition fees. I just wanted to let you see for yourself to make sure that the information that I have provided is accurate.


How to Apply to Universities in California as an International Student

The application procedure is almost the same for international students. You just have to follow the directions for American students with a few exceptions. First, you will not have to file the FAFSA if you are applying for scholarships because you are not eligible for federal aid. Second, you will have to demonstrate English proficiency by taking TOEFL or IELTS.

These two are the main differences between the application procedure for international students and domestic students. Since the application procedures for each university is different, you need to look at the university website’s admissions page to look at the specific instructions. You will have all that you need there.

I hope that you’ve liked this information about cheap universities in California for international students. If you would like to learn more about scholarships to even lower the cost or scholarships in other countries, visit uscollegeinternational.com.

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