4Keys to acquiring an overflow of all you consider valuable.

The scripture confirms thus;

You will get a hundred times more houses, siblings, sisters, moms, kids and fields and mistreatment too in this present life on earth.

Also, in the life to come, you will get unceasing life.(Mark 10:30)

What a flood of riches and guarantee of interminable life!

In what capacity would this be able to be figured it out?

How might one key into such incredible bounty?

# KEY 1

This can just be  acknowledged when you put God first above everybody and all that you think about unique and profitable.

(Imprint 10:29)

In all that you do, put God first and He will guide you and crown your endeavors with progress.

See key two(2)

# KEY 2

Most importantly PRAY for knowledge!


Knowledge gives great long life, wealth, respect, joy, harmony (flood)

Keep in mind that the Lord’s astuteness established the earth; his understanding built up all the universe and space. (Axioms 3:19)

Solomon got insight and got a flood of riches as well( 1Kings 3:9-14)

We can  have ALL just in the event that we look for and get knowledge from God.

# KEY 3

Supplicate consistently; for in petition you will realize when and how to accomplish incredible things.

Jesus thought us how to implore in light of the fact that he needed us to have the KEY to abundance(Mathew 6)


Supplication reveals privileged insights to accomplishing incredible things.

# KEY 4

Notwithstanding when aggrieved in the midst of your riches, remember your good fortune rather and discover harmony.

Preliminaries and abuses are a piece of Christian heritage(1Peter 4:12-16); don’t harp on them. Remember your good fortune rather and discover euphoria!

May the Spirit of God  lead us into all fact in Jesus name. So be it

We’d arrive; stay unwavering!

Stay favored!